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Final pieces – Point of Sale and Beyond

Here is my final flyer. I’m happy with it because I like the way in which the sides reflect each other.

Here is my final poster. I am happy with it because I think it is eye-catching and hopefully it would make someone smile.

red ring3

Here is my final sticker. I am happy with it because it has a very simple clear design. I like the way it instructs the shopper what to do.

Here is a picture of what my poster would look in a frame by an escalator. I took the photo of the shop myself.

This is what the poster would look like blown up in a shop. I took the photo of the shop myself.


Here is how my poster would look at a bus stop.

Picture of bus stop from:

This is how my leaflet would look on an iPad.

Picture of iPad from:

Other pictures from:

Sticker – Various ideas

Picture I took at Fenwicks:

Here are the ideas I came up with. I wanted the design to give instructions to the shopper. The stickers remind me of road signs.

I used this photo to make a vector.

I really like the design on the right because it is more delicate than my first designs.

Just a ring – Option Two

The ring in the previous post was too low resolution so I looked for another ring. I decided to use this one.


I used Photoshop to change the colour. Red matches the Triumph logo.

I used different typefaces to see which one would look most appropriate. I experimented with Binny old style mt, Amasis, Westend, Garamond, Bembo, Minion Pro and Westend. I also experimented with different layouts.

Just a ring

Here is the picture I decided to use. I trawled through many pictures and in the end I found that the biggest diamond rings are actually crystal diamond napkin rings that are often used at weddings. I wanted to use a red one but I couldn’t find any pictures of a red crystal ring that were suitable.


I think this has turned out quite well because I’ve used a different caption at the top. At this point I really need feedback to see if my ideas are going in the right direction. One criticism I would make is that people may think this poster is advertising a ring.

Here is a variation on the idea. I used this picture.


I need feedback about this idea as well.

Red Shoes Idea

I thought it would be a good idea to use red shoes as it matches the colour of the triumph logo. I’ve tried to pick shoes that look classy as I think the audience are ladies who would be attracted to style and elegance.



Here I am trying out different type faces. Again I’m looking for something round and feminine.

I arranged the elements on the page over and over and over. It was difficult to make them fit comfortably, probably because the pictures are such awkward shapes. Plus the pictures relate to the first line of type so I think they need to be next to each other. That makes it difficult too.

I think the elements on this second idea are slightly more comfortably spaced.

Variation on playing with size

I wanted to use real photos for this idea but none of the ones I wanted to use were much more than 72ppi so they would not be suitable for printing. I started off by opening the picture in Illustrator and using he pen tool to make a vector. It took a very long time without making as much progress as I had hoped. At this point I decided to use live trace. I may need a number of different vectors for this project and there simply isn’t the time to make them all from scratch.

This site was helpful to learn about live trace:







I am happy with this outcome because I think its fun and I think its eye-catching. There is quite a lot going on though. I’m going to make another variation and see if I can simplify it.

Playing on size idea

Here is my first idea. I thought it would be amusing to show a lady wearing something that did not fit properly or that was conspicuously oversized. I love this picture of Catherine Deneuve wearing a huge hat. It’s a black and white picture which may be a bit of a disadvantage as I don’t have the option to have it in colour unless I can learn how to make it a colour picture. I used Helvetica Neue LT extended for the typeface. I wanted to use a round, feminine typeface. I used red because Triumph has a red logo.

I like this idea but the overall look of the poster isn’t very appealing. I’m going to try a variation on this idea.

Picture from:

Conclusions to research

  • 70% of women don’t wear the right size bra.
  • Fenwick do not usually put up posters. They do this because they want their store to be as tidy as possible.
  • They take the collars off the hangers. They do this because the collars are not of a good quality, they arrive tatty and look untidy. They take up room on the wall. Fenwick would rather use the space to display more bras.
  • There are different reasons why women don’t get properly fitted. I spoke to a few women, they told me they think this is because women think they know their size, they are self conscious and/or because they don’t have the time.