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Ethics questions

How do you feel about doing the research?

I was happy to undertake researching into the fur trade for the following reasons:

  • This was a time limited exercise so I did not have enough time to research deeply in to the really distressing details.
  • I know how to do research using the internet without accessing the more extreme information. By this I mean I know how to avoid, for example, seeing a video of an animal in pain.
  • I think it can only be a good thing to be informed about issues such as this.

How do you feel about being obliged by the tutor to do this brief?

I was happy to undertake this brief for the following reasons:

  • After doing research in to the fur trade I found out that the animals are not killed in a humane manner. I didn’t know that the animals were treated any differently to, for example, farm animals. This means that the animals are experiencing pain which is being inflicted purely so their fur isn’t damaged.
  • If the animals were being reared and killed humanely, then their flesh was being eaten and the fur was also used for something useful I wouldn’t see a problem with it. In this scenario it would be wasteful not to use the fur. However, I don’t know if it is humane to rear wild animals in captivity. The research I did indicated that it is not humane, as wild animals are not the same as farm animals such as cows or pigs.
  • I think this brief is aimed at Westerners who do not kill their own food or need animal skins to keep warm. Inuits may need to wear animal fur to survive. I don’t think this brief is trying to persuade people that Inuits were/are wrong to wear fur if they had/have no other option.