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Iridescent Ammonite Fossil

I have done some research and I have found out that the ammonite fossil is native to the UK, as well as other places, so I am going to use an image of one for my cover. Here is the image I am going to use.

There is some information about the picture on this website:

Making a template in Illustrator

I measured my book and the measurements are:

Length: 270mm or 27cm

Width: 197mm or 19.7cm

Spine: 14mm or 1.4cm

Using a calculator I worked out the centre point by dividing 270 by 2. Then I drew a line using the line segment tool and positioned it in the middle of the document using the rulers. I made two more lines and positioned them 7mm to the left and right of the centre line. Then I selected all three lines and clicked View > Guides > Make Guide. The lines then become guides.

Looking at book covers

Really bright and eye-catching image on the front. The typeface used is a serif which looks appropriate. I notice the detail on the arm ( of the upper-case T. I think it has a beak ( This type has hair lines. The ‘hairline is the thinnest stroke found in a specific typeface that consists of strokes of varying widths’.

The back has a black background. The type is centred with an image. At the bottom there is a logo, the price and the bar code.

I see that the logo has been repeated on the spine. The design on the spine is very clean and minimalistic.

This cover is split into three parts. There is white type on a black background and black type on white background. The top section may be an example of art. This cover isn’t quite as eye-catching as the first one but this is a philosophy book so a different style is appropriate.

The back cover is split into black and olive sections with white type. In the olive section are the book reviews, the publisher and the bar code. In the black section is a description of the content. At the bottom there is an explanation of who the author is. There is a black bar at the bottom containing the name of the book series.

This design reflects the design of the covers. There are the initials of the book series.

I think this cover has been successful and the sombre style seems appropriate for the content. I am not sure why Stark Design put such large spaces in-between the type under the main title. It looks a bit bizarre. The black header and the typeface for the title both look appropriate. The typeface has strokes of varying widths and beaks. The image used looks appropriate for the sombre issues inside.

There is a lot of information about the content on the back which seems appropriate. Interesting that a serif and sans-serif have been used at the top. The black banner wraps around to the back cover. I can see one review which is in upper-case, name of design company, name of photographer, name and logo of publisher, ISBN code, bar code, price and web address.

The spine resembles the front cover. The two different type faces look harmonious together. The image goes onto the spine.

Distressed, red and blue, sans-serif used. The page is split into seven rows with three reviews, the author’s name and the title. Minimal but still has an impact.

More bright, sans-serif type. Three reviews and a summary to sell the plot. Very clear and minimalistic design. At the bottom I can see the ISBN code, bar code, price, the publisher and web address.

More bright, sans-serif type. Very clear and minimalistic design.

This cover uses a serif that has beaks and a calligraphic typeface. A review of the book is at the top and two images have been used.

‘Calligraphy is the art of mastering the hand, so it expresses emotions that words by themselves cannot convey.’

I think this cover is successful because it inst too overwhelming. The eyes look as though they are looking at the audience.

The back has the same serif. White type on a dark background and black type on a lighter background. There is one review at the top and three at the bottom. The plot is summarised under the first review.

At the bottom is the genre, name of photographer, name and logo of publisher, ISBN code, bar code, price and web address. The back also has been successful and is well balanced.

It is difficult to read the white type on the light background.

I really like this cover because of the contrast between the light and the dark parts of the image. The typeface is successful and I’m struggling to describe it. This cover is really minimalistic.

The top box explains what the book is about. The bottom box shows a picture and some information about the lady whose life is detailed inside. At the bottom is the name of the designer, name and logo of the publisher,  the bar code and the web address. I don’t think the back is as successful as the front because I don’t think that the information needs to be inside a box. I think this is extra detail which is unnecessary.

I like the contrast between light and dark again and the type looks eye-catching. The publishers logo can be seen too.