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Using the svBuilder

I clicked on New Gallery.

I dragged the three cloud files on to the ‘Add Images’ space and they appeared on the right. I changed the caption of the files to a different name which would be seen by the viewer.

Size of webpage, image source and image sizes are the other options that can be changed here.

I clicked the ‘Customise’ button. The options on the left appeared. I changed the text colour to purple. I clicked ‘Publish’.

Gallery height, gallery width, background colour, text colour, frame colour, frame width as well as the title of the gallery can be edited. The layout of the page can also be edited.

I clicked save.

Here you can see the changes I made.



Alternative Poster Designs – By Tom

Below are two posters I created that could act as alternative designs if our chosen design does not satisfy our groups demands. I chose to create two very different themed designs; one old and one modern, in order to obtain an impression as to how the desired information can be displayed.

Concept One
The Design:
This first design was inspired by 19th Century typography posters. I chose this theme of design as our poster requires a lot of text-based elements that need to be displayed. Such posters designed in this fashion are dominated by text, which is why I thought the concept could be a possible solution. The individual elements of text are sectioned in order for certain information to be separate from others to reduce confusion.
I chose to use the worn paper as a background to directly relate to the style of poster used in the 19th Century. The way I have set out the page elements break up the desired categories in a way that I believe works. The typefaces I have used also directly relate to those used at that period f time. The issue with this design is the fact that I had to use actual photographs for examples, which does not best suit the overall theme of the poster. Another issue I have is the amount of space that is left. By looking at 19th Century typography posters, you can see that there is minimal space. The issue that lies here is the legibility of the piece may be effected, which would not be beneficial.
Concept Two

The Design:

For this design, I chose to give it a modern, organised impression. I chose to design it in this fashion as I believe it presents all desired elements (both image and text) in a way that can be understood by the consumer. The individual elements have been organised into categories and have been presented effectively (linked in some cases). The use of colours directly relate to those used on the ‘Independent’ logo.

I feel the way I have sectioned elements into different categories and linked them in some cases works well and can be understood. By using a ‘table-like’ theme, I believe it displays all the desired information clearly. I personally feel that the elements of information that are linked to another is easy to understand (use of arrows and page separation). I also feel that the design of this poster allows actual photographs to be used without looking out-of-place. The only issue I can see that would be a problem is how the information links together. Although I understand it, others may not. In such a case, I feel alterations in the layout can be easily re-adjusted.

Find Tom here http://www.behance.net/tomknapp92