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How to make an animation in Photoshop

Make a Photoshop document. On the first layer type 1. Call the layer 1.

Duplicate the layer.

Call the new layer 2.

Using the type tool, click on the box and type 2. Do not use the type tool to draw a new box as this makes a new layer appear and you don’t want that.

Duplicate the layer.

Call the layer 3.

Now I have three layers. Window > Animation.

A menu will appear. I clicked on this button to get the frames view.

For the first frame I clicked off the 2nd and 3rd layer.

I clicked to make a new frame.

For the second frame I clicked off layer 1 and 3.

I clicked to make a new frame.

For frame three I clicked off layer 1 and 2. I then clicked on the frame to get this menu to show.

I selected to show layer 1 for two seconds.

I selected to show layer 2 for two seconds.

I selected to show layer 3 for two seconds.

I then clicked on frame 1, pressed control and clicked on the frame 2 so that both were high lighted.

I clicked the tween button and added in 5 transition frames. I clicked OK.

I then highlighted frame 2 and 3 so they were both selected.

I clicked the tween button.

I added in 5 transition frames. I clicked OK.

I clicked the play button to see what it looked like.

I didn’t like how it looked because the sequence played too quickly so I changed the transition frames to show for 0.1 seconds. You can see that I can select more than one frame at a time.

I tried that but it didn’t look good so I set all the transition frames to 0 seconds and kept the three original frames at 2 seconds. I tried this out and it looked good.

Now I needed to save it. File > Export > Save for Web and Devices.

I saved it as a gif. Click Save.

Select Images Only. Click save.

I then opened up Firefox and dragged and dropped the gif into Firefox.

I had my gif set to show the sequence once.

I changed the setting to Forever which means it loops.

Using the svBuilder

I clicked on New Gallery.

I dragged the three cloud files on to the ‘Add Images’ space and they appeared on the right. I changed the caption of the files to a different name which would be seen by the viewer.

Size of webpage, image source and image sizes are the other options that can be changed here.

I clicked the ‘Customise’ button. The options on the left appeared. I changed the text colour to purple. I clicked ‘Publish’.

Gallery height, gallery width, background colour, text colour, frame colour, frame width as well as the title of the gallery can be edited. The layout of the page can also be edited.

I clicked save.

Here you can see the changes I made.