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A particularly inspiring design by studio-cuculic.hr

I really like the bright colours and the really interesting designs for the year. It is very eye-catching.













Vector design for the Decibel Meter and connotations

I had the idea to do a stereo sound display to show the idea of sound.


Another idea I had would be to use a wavy line like these, to signify sound.


I decided to use the stereo display idea. This was my first attempt. I thought it would be best to make it look symmetrical but it doesn’t look as good as I thought it would. I found it hard to make the idea look realistic.

I decided to change it and make it unsymmetrical. I hope this makes it look a little more realistic. I don’t have a screen shot of it but I then went in to Photoshop and added the inner shadow so it matches the others.


Is your design clear and easy to understand?

I think this design is clear as the blocks are easy to see even when I zoom right out. I am not sure if people will understand that this is meant to represent a stereo sound display.

How might others view it? How could it be mis-read?

People may think they are looking at sugar cubes, building blocks or city tower blocks.

Does it look appropriate or does it refer to other meanings?

I think the idea is appropriate because most people should recognise sounds levels.

Evaluation and Reflection

1) Visual Communication:

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece meet the needs of the brief?

Cover – I made am image of a boot using all my own props and my own camera. I used a small amount of wording to lead into the article. I  chose to use Minion Pro Bold Condensed for this wording because I think it fits in with the style of Creative Review.

Double spread – I used two found images. I put the address of the website on my final piece. They were very high quality images.

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece fail to meet the needs of the brief?

I don’t think that the visual communication that I used fails to meet the brief in any major way.

What are the strengths of the visual communication? Why?

Cover – Everyone can identify a boot. I hope that the bright pink leggings and fish nets will grab people’s attention.

Double spread – I used bright striking colours to catch attention. It is not very often that anyone gets to see a cyber Goth so I decided to use a picture of one which featured her amazing hair.

What are the weaknesses of the visual communication? Why?

Cover – I don’t think the plain back ground used is eye-catching but I had to follow the style of Creative Review and they rarely use a bright back ground. A bright back ground may have been overwhelming.

Double spread – I don’t know if everyone will recognise a glow stick, especially as I’ve enlarged the picture.

In what ways could the piece be mis-read or mis-understood by the audience? Be specific about who the audience is.

Broadly speaking the audience is graphic designers, people involved with advertising, teachers possibly, people interested in art and design and students such as myself.

Cover – A lot of people won’t know what a cyber Goth is so although they’ll understand seeing a boot I’m not sure that anything further would be understood.

Double spread – People may think that all cyber Goths wear purple, are female and use glow sticks which isn’t true. They may mistake the glow sticks for light sabers and think that cyber Goths use them as an accessory when they don’t.

In what practical ways could the piece be developed or improved?

I’ve thought about this quite a lot. I think that the leg and boot idea could be reworked by posing the boots in a dance move as cyber Goths have their own way of dancing. Or another picture could be taken of hands posing in a dance move. I would have had to pay for some props to do this though or perhaps I could have made a vector of dancing hands.

2) Reflection of own working practices:

Be very honest with yourself in this section. Please feel free to approach a member of staff for help finding ways to develop skills.

How was my time keeping?

My time keeping was much better than in the last project so I’m happy about that.

How was my analysis of the brief?

I think my analysis of the brief was quite good. The brief was quite specific so this helped to keep me on track. I hope that I have covered everything.

How was my research?

The research was difficult as there were no books in the college library about cyber Goths. I bought a book from Amazon. To research cyber Goths the only option you have really is to look where they came from, so look to see what happened just before they arrived and actually look and listen for yourself to their images and their music. This is what I did.

How did I draw conclusions from my research?

Cyber Goth – I looked to see what cyber Goths have in common. What they think is good and what they think is bad.

Layouts – I looked to see what Creative Review’s layouts had in common. I looked to see what style of layout other magazines use. I looked to see what type of design Creative Review use for their covers.

How did I use research to generate and develop ideas?

The images I found on the internet were the most useful thing to give me inspiration. For example I found Tish’s and Rehula’s websites while looking at images using Google image search and this gave me ideas for a few possible cover designs. Looking at Creative Review was very useful too as I needed to follow that layout style.

How did I use evaluations to help with my ideas generation and development?

Whenever I came up with an idea I asked the tutor for feedback and this shaped the final outcome. An example of this would be when the tutor said that the rock was too bright and was distracting from the boot. I then went away and developed my idea to fix the problem.

How did I use experimentation during the project? How can I make this more effective?

I made an idea for the front cover using photographs I took in London. It could be made more effective if the pictures were more obviously related to cyber Goths. The idea was very abstract and I don’t think people would be able to understand any meaning.

In what ways did I show that I had achieved the Learning Outcomes? How can I improve this next time?

I talked about the ideology of cyber Goths and included images as we were advised to do.

What parts of the project did I enjoy most? Why was this the case?

I enjoyed being able to use my own props for the front cover and being able to use bright colours in the double page spread.

What parts of the project did I enjoy least? Why was this the case?

Doing the research was really difficult because the college doesn’t have any books that mention cyber Goths so this made me feel very stressed.

At what times did I work best? Why might this be the case? How can I ensure that I work well at al times?

I worked best when there were no distractions. I could turn my mobile on to silent.

What areas inspired me? Why was this the case? How could I follow these up?

The artistic nature and the bright colours of the cyber Goth culture inspire me. I really liked the typeface used in Vogue magazine.

What areas were challenging or difficult?  Why was this the case?

Not being able to use found images for the cover made it more difficult. If I didn’t already own a pair of New Rock boots I’m not sure what I would have been able to do.

How can I go about developing and improving  the parts I found difficult?

I think I need to learn how to illustrate so I can make my own images. I don’t know how to do this so I will need to ask the tutor. For the next project I will pick a subject that does have books in the library.

Do I need to develop certain skills? Do I need these now? Or later?

I think I need to learn how to illustrate.

Any other points?

I want to find the name of the font that I like from Vogue magazine.

Double page spread – Cyber goth styled in purple – adding in a pull quote

I decided to try another idea using the Cyber goth styled in purple as the first try wasn’t perfect. This is what I came up with. I cut off part of the photo and just used her face and hair on one page. On the other page I put in a pull quote.


I like this idea but it is quite simple and nothing particularly interesting is happening. It seems quite formulaic. I’m going to try another idea.

Double page spread idea using full photo – Cyber goth styled in purple

Here is my first double page spread idea. Here is the picture I thought I would try using.


Here is what I came up with. It was more difficult than I thought to make it look well-ordered and balanced. The columns of text don’t look very comfortable on the page so I’ll have to try a new idea.

The sell and body text were taken from these websites: