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Third piece of particularly inspiring design by hat-trickdesign.co.uk – Task 4)

4) Now select ONE designer or company that you find particularly inspiring. Choose THREE pieces of design (these might be separate items or three campaigns of linked items) and make analysis of each of these:

  • Why do you like it find it inspiring?

I like these pieces because they are bright and eye-catching. I like the colour scheme used because it is very cheery. I like the large-scale ‘G’ and ‘5’. The designs really brighten up the area without being ‘too much’.

  • What is the message/purpose of the piece?
My research tells me that these are ‘Environmental graphics and wayfinding scheme’.


  • Who is the audience and HOW does it hail the audience?

The audience would be anyone who comes to visit the housing association East Thames’ group headquarters in Stratford and anyone who walks by that building. The staff who work there are also the audience.

  • In what ways would you say it is innovative (if it is) OR why is it appropriate for this piece to use traditional conventions?

It looks innovative to me because some of the designs are really big and bold like the large ‘G’ and ‘5’. The designs are minimal which makes them look modern.

  • Outline the signifiers and how they tell you anything about the signified meaning – look at things like messages, narrative, quality, hailing and anything else that you deduce.

The numbers and letters are symbols so most people will be able to work out what they mean. My research tells me that the brands identity uses sunrises so this is why warm colours have been used.

The cup probably tells us that there is a café near or refreshments are available. I’m not sure what the piece that looks like a rainbow is trying to say. I thought the inspiration was meant to be sun rises, not rainbows.

  • Would you say that this designer or design company has a recognisable style – if so describe why this is, or say why this is not the case.

This piece fits in with the design for the Natural History Museum.

Here is some information I found out about the design when I was doing research.

‘East Thames Offices, UK

by Hat-Trick Design

Environmental graphics and wayfinding scheme for housing association East Thames’ group headquarters in Stratford, east London. Based on the Group’s brand identity theme of ‘sunrises’, referencing the sun rising in the east. Using the principles of light, shade and reflection, a simplified circular ‘sun’ shape and a relevant colour palette, we created an innovative system using reflected and transparent sunrise colours.

Creating ‘glowing’ iconography and wayfinding by bouncing colour from the reverse of signs against white walls of the building provided the base for their scheme.

Transparent colour applied to glazing let natural light cast colour throughout the building.

In addition, applied graphics and installations captured the theme of the ‘sun’, including a 2m clock in the public space alongside photography of local sunrises submitted by residents across east London and clients of East Thames to convey an optimistic and hopeful future.’

Article above from: http://graphicambient.com/2012/02/17/east-thames-offices-uk/


www.spin.co.uk – Task 1)

1) What kind/type of website is it (commercial, fan site, informative, helpdesk, forum for art and culture or music etc).

This website showcases the work of a design company called Spin. This website is commercial and informative.

This links to who is the website for, who is it directed at? Who might be using it.

‘Our clients come from many different sectors. They range from the global to the local.’

Students could use this website for research purposes, like myself.

You then need to evaluate it in terms of its function and user group – what will they think of it?

What are the visual aesthetics of the content of the website? What is the immediate ‘feel’ of it? A PMI might help

Plus – I immediately liked the bright colours on the home page. See below. It made me think ‘This is exciting, something is happening here’.


Minus – The immediate problem I see is that I can only see half of the second picture which is annoying.

Interesting – I was impressed with the link called Spin Culture which shows their photography that they’ve taken while they were travelling. This shows that they are making an effort to give the audience more than just the bare bones.

ask WHY it has been designed like this and HOW does it communicate.

The site is split up in to different sections so you can look at the work by discipline, by client or look at the recent work. This is a logical way to split the work up so the audience knows where to click to find what they want to see.

Page size/length. Are these beneficial to the site or do they make it difficult?

I didn’t find any problem with the page size or length. I don’t find it to be a problem to scroll down to see all the images.

How are images used? PMI but be specific about effectiveness and purpose

Plus – This site is full of beautiful designs. The clients want to see these and I think they will be impressed by how beautiful the designs are.

I liked how images were used as links. See below. You could click on the menu on the left or on an image.


Interesting – See Plus for my answer.

Minus – I was disappointed that the images were so big that I couldn’t see the whole image at once. I had to scroll up and down and it was very annoying. See an example of this below.


How is typography used? PMI being specific about:

  • Tone of voice of the type
  • Choice of typefaces – are they effective for screen use?
  • Bulk or lack of type – is it too much, too blocky, too small etc. Say HOW/WHY it works or does not work

Plus – The tone of voice is business like, straight to the point but they make it clear that all are welcome.

Minus – They used only one typeface, Helvetica in size 10.  There isn’t anything wrong with this but some people may prefer to see two different typefaces.

Interesting – I can’t think of anything that is interesting about their use of type. The type is used in three different colours which are black, dark grey and light grey.

Back ground colours and textures? Effective or distracting? How and Why.

The background is white all the way through the site which is good because it isn’t distracting.

Does it have gimmicks, animations etc? How and why are they effective or not?

To see the information about the project you have to click on the cross and then the information appears. See below. I think this is clever and effective and makes the page seem dynamic.


The other gimmick is that when you hover over an image it tuns black to indicate that you can click on it. See below. I think this is clever and effective.


Is the unity of the website spoiled (or aided) by commercial banners and so on?

There are no commercial banners or adverts which is nice as I’m not distracted.

Navigation – is it easy and straightforward or difficult and frustrating? Describe HOW and WHY this is so. Be specific as this is very important.

The navigation for this site was very easy to use and it didn’t take me any time to work out how to use it as it has on some of the other sites I looked at. The menus and the scrolling are simple and effective. However, it is easier sometimes to scroll left to right when looking at images which is not possible on this site.

How do design elements such as link buttons help the navigation?

It was good to see links to outside sites like the site they built ‘for furniture designer Matthew Hilton’ matthewhilton.com