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Paris versus New York – in graphic form

I love this. The bright colours.


Glow sticks for double page spread

I wanted to use this picture as it shows the cyber hair style really well. I cut out the figure in Photoshop.


I thought these glow sticks would be really colourful and eye-catching.


Here I am trying to get the title to be seen on the page with the glow sticks. The colours mean the type can be difficult to see so you have to get it in the right place.

I have placed the title along the glow stick. I think this idea works well and the different elements have space to breath.

I think using two pictures looks more attractive than just having a large amount of body text. I checked with the tutor that I had enough body text here and I do. I will most likely be using this idea as my final idea.

Double page spread – Cyber goth styled in purple – adding in a pull quote

I decided to try another idea using the Cyber goth styled in purple as the first try wasn’t perfect. This is what I came up with. I cut off part of the photo and just used her face and hair on one page. On the other page I put in a pull quote.


I like this idea but it is quite simple and nothing particularly interesting is happening. It seems quite formulaic. I’m going to try another idea.

Looking for Cyber goth ideology

What does ideology mean?

Collins World English Dictionary defines it as the following:

1. a body of ideas that reflects the beliefs and interests of a nation, political system, etc and underlies political action

2. philosophy, sociology the set of beliefs by which a group or society orders reality so as to render it intelligible

3. speculation that is imaginary or visionary

4. the study of the nature and origin of ideas

Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines it as:

1.  a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture

2.  a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture

The American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines it as:

The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, a group, a class, or a culture.

The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy defines it as:

A system of beliefs or theories, usually political, held by an individual or a group. Capitalism, communism, and socialism are usually called ideologies.

All of the above from: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ideology

What kind of ideology do Cyber goths have?

Since there is no manifesto, at least that I have been able to find, I am putting together the following information. I am going to look at what makes a Cyber goth different from the rest of society.

‘While fashion and an interest in electronic dance music are two areas that define the cyber subculture, cybers also tend to have a general interest in new and future technology, its influence on society, and other such cyberculture topics. The subculture enjoys niche status and a relatively small but growing following.’

‘Much of the culture centers around nightlife or the internet…’


‘…they also describe black as fascinating, luxurious, and artistic.’

Quote above from the book Gothic Dark Glamour by Valerie Steele.

What I take from this quote, the pictures below and the pictures I used in my presentation is that the Cyber goth subculture is a highly creative one. Their make-up and accessories provide an opportunity for creativity. I can see a large difference between Cyber style make-up and mainstream make-up. Here is an example of mainstream make-up. It’s very natural and no bright colours have been used. She is quite tanned.


Here is another example of mainstream make-up. There is quite a lot of eyeliner here but still the colours used are quite natural. She has tanned skin also.


Here are examples of Cyber goth make-up. I think people who identify with the main stream would think it quite strange and unattractive to wear blue lipstick and be extremely pale. I think a Cyber goth would think it very boring to use natural colours when there are so many other colours to choose from. The pictures below show the difference between mainstream make-up and the unnatural and brightly coloured make-up used by Cyber goths.


This picture featuring make up has been altered digitally. The colour of the eye has been changed. Cyber goths use their bodies, not only to put make-up on but also to make art, at the same time.


This picture featuring large false eyelashes has also been digitally altered to make art.


A lot of Cybers make their own dreads and there is a variety of colours and materials to choose from. One brand of hair called ‘Toxilox’ makes all the colours seen in this colour chart below.



Here is what Cyber hair can look like:


Now lets look at how mainstream hair is styled. The colour looks natural and the hair looks very shiny. In both pictures the hair looks very tidy and well-groomed.

‘The point is… this is a scene of people that migrated from other cultures to find a home in something that made sense to them…and are a bit closed off from the rest of the world for lack of acceptance. This in a very small nutshell, is Cyber goth, it really is all about the music though.’


This quote above is very helpful in explaining what this subculture is about. It is hard to talk about a subculture when I have no one to interview. From the research I have done, I am inclined to agree with the quote above. I do believe that if asked a Cyber would reply that it is a love for their music that brings them together. The extravagant hair and clothes make them feel like a group/community. The hair, clothes and make-up are a chance for them to make their own art.  It would have been great to interview a real Cyber goth.

I think it is also accurate to say that Cybers are fun-loving as they enjoy dancing and have all their own dance moves. This may sound unimportant but I think their moves are really quite striking and difficult to copy, therefore needing some time to practice.

Cyber goths stand out from the mainstream because their look is so striking. Although I cant be sure I don’t think that a group of Cyber goths would consider another person to be one of them unless the person had at least a few elements of the Cyber goth style.

Images for presentation on 23rd November 2011