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Hand out for Presentation – Website Vote

Everything I talked about in my presentation is also here, present on my blog. Here is the hand out I made and I gave one out to everyone who was present.

Typefaces I found:


Verdana in size 7.5

I couldn’t identify the other typeface.


The typeface used for their logo is Modern No. 20

Arial in size 13.5.


Helvetica in size 9

Helvetica in size 15


Helvetica in size 10


Georgia in size 14.5

Courier in 8.5.


Verdana in size 8.5


Verdana in size 7.5


Helvetica Neue in size 8.5
Helvetica Neue in size 11
Helvetica Neue in size 27
Georgia in size 11
Georgia in size 21


Arial in size 10

I couldn’t identify the other typeface.


Tahoma in size 9

Tahoma in size 10.5


Arial 12

Arial 9

Arial 15

The tutor suggested we take a vote to see which website we thought the best. As you can see the class voted that Pearlfisher is the best.

The worst website was voted for and it was Jake Tilson.

Sagmeister won the vote for the best designs.

www.ligalux.de – Task 1)

1) What kind/type of website is it (commercial, fan site, informative, helpdesk, forum for art and culture or music etc).

This website showcases the work of a design company called Ligalux. This website is commercial and informative.

This links to who is the website for, who is it directed at? Who might be using it.

This website is directed at any person in business or any companies who have a product or service that they need some design for.

Students could use this website for research purposes, like myself.

You then need to evaluate it in terms of its function and user group – what will they think of it?

What are the visual aesthetics of the content of the website? What is the immediate ‘feel’ of it? A PMI might help

Plus – See ‘Interesting’ for my answer.

Minus – I didn’t know where to click first but I think that’s the whole point.

Interesting – When I first saw the website it looked like this:


The first thing that surprised me was the funny scratched swede background and the funny dot/button in the middle of the page. It was interesting how there is three little boxes on the left which link to stories about the company.

ask WHY it has been designed like this and HOW does it communicate.

This site is split up into parts in a not dissimilar way to the British sites I looked at. This site has a different link for Projects, Customers, About Ligalux, Awards, News, Tags and Contact. It is logical for it to be split up like this so people can find what they are looking for.

Page size/length. Are these beneficial to the site or do they make it difficult?

I didn’t find any problem with the page size and length.

How are images used? PMI but be specific about effectiveness and purpose

Plus – There are images all over the site which makes it look interesting. Some of the images turn to colour when you hover over them and then you can click on them which gives a feeling of dynamism.

Interesting – See Plus for my answer.

Minus – I can’t really think of any minus points.

How is typography used? PMI being specific about:

  • Tone of voice of the type
  • Choice of typefaces – are they effective for screen use?
  • Bulk or lack of type – is it too much, too blocky, too small etc. Say HOW/WHY it works or does not work

Plus – The tone of voice is quite friendly and confident. They point out that they will re-work their designs if it is necessary. The typefaces used seem to work fine for screen use. Generally I didn’t see too much or too little text.

Minus – I was quite surprised to see Courier being used as it reminds me of a typewriter but others may like it more than I do. The list of customers seems to be just a block of text which isn’t particularly clear to see. I struggled with it.


Interesting – They use two typefaces which are Georgia in size 14.5 and Courier in 8.5.

Back ground colours and textures? Effective or distracting? How and Why.

I quite like the funny scratched swede background and the funny white dot which changes in size depending on which page you’re on. At first I thought it might be distracting but it isn’t.

Does it have gimmicks, animations etc? How and why are they effective or not?

I really like the gimmick they use for their home page. Every time you go back to the home page it loads a different version every time. I really liked this and it kept the home page fresh and interesting. Here are the different versions they have of their home page:

The above 5 images all have this address http://www.ligalux.de/

The other gimmick they used is that when you hover over an image it goes from black and white into colour. See below. This makes the site seem dynamic.


Is the unity of the website spoiled (or aided) by commercial banners and so on?

There are no commercial banners or adverts which is nice as I’m not distracted.

Navigation – is it easy and straightforward or difficult and frustrating? Describe HOW and WHY this is so. Be specific as this is very important.

I didn’t have any problems with the navigation apart from at the beginning I didn’t realise I could click for more images. For example I saw this and…


…I was confused why they put a text box covering the design. Then I realised I had to click on the arrow and that would take me to more pictures showing the design in detail. See below. After I worked that out I didn’t have any problems.


Add any other points or comments not addressed directly by these questions.

This is the first site I’ve seen so far that has a page that shows the tags used so you can click on them. I thought this was quite clever and it helps people to find what they want.


This site makes its news page as interesting as it can by using type and pictures: