Learning Outcomes – Not my work – This is from Moodle

1. Demonstrated an understanding of the structure and function of Internet designs, browser function and web page publishing.

  • Make sure you evidence in s/bk that you understand how websites function.

2. Considered the aesthetic and practical issues concerning web page design, including navigation, image preparation and issues regarding the end-user and accessibility.

  • How do websites look, work? How are they used? What is their function?

3. Designed, planned, built, tested and evaluated a set of functioning web pages.

  • Check each instruction on Moodle!

4. Evidenced knowledge of how to manage and organise the pages and relevant components of a website.

  • S/bk evidence needed to show you have prepared and planned the building of the website.

5. Further developed and widened their generic practical and creative graphic design skills, specifically (screen-based) page layout and typography.

  • Show how your own skills have developed and improved – reflection on your learning with practical evidence.

6. Developed good practice in the form of file management and organisation.

  • Well organised files (easy to find way around) and evidence of other management skills

7. Designed, planned and built graphics in relation to specific briefs.

  • Show how appropriate your designs are – how do they meet the brief?

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