Vector design for Thermometer and connotations

I had an idea to show colours that represent cold and heat. I decided not to use this idea as it didn’t fit it with the rest of the set.

I decided to use the idea of a thermometer. I looked at a few pictures on-line like this one below.

Here is what I came up with using the pen tool.  There were eleven markers originally. I asked my class mates for some feedback. They said I needed to take away some fo the markers as less detail is easier to see when you zoom out.


Is your design clear and easy to understand?

I think it is easy enough to recognise a thermometer in the design. I put the thermometer on the red back ground to signify heat. At one point I had the thermometer on a green background and it looked totally wrong. It didn’t look like a thermometer any more. It just looked like an object.

How might others view it? How could it be mis-read?

Some people may not see a thermometer as the design is a lot shorter than they are. This design doesn’t show the outer casing of a normal thermometer so that may confuse people. Some people may see a key.

Does it look appropriate or does it refer to other meanings?

I think the design is appropriate because most people know what a thermometer looks like and know that it can be used to find out the temperature.


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