Poster Development Part Four – Notes by Tom

The design below displays a printed version of how we planned to layout our poster elements on landscape.

The same elements have been carried over from the previous design with minimal changes. The idea here was to see if we could better utilise the space provided and link elements together in a way that could be better understood. After getting the desired layout, the design was shown to Sancha in order to get feedback. The design got her approval, although she suggested that we incorporated such features as ‘brackets’ in order to make the diagram feature more understandable.
Below are some screenshots showing the poster in its construction stages with accompanying notes:
  • We chose to keep the same colour scheme as the previous posters as we believed they work well in poster format and effectively display the elements on the page.
  • The title has been moved into the top left corner of the page. This is due to the fact that we have aligned the history section (profiles of Saussure and Peirce) with the title. We believed such a layout would look more organised as well as provide enough space for the other page elements.
  • The beginnings of the diagram are taking place also; directly linking sections of information to others. We thought this concept would improve a consumers understanding of the semiotics process.
  • Now that we had the basic layout, we began to add design features that would make the diagram look more organised and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The individual elements of information have been constraint into purple boxes, which we believe makes those aspects easier to understand as well as giving it a more professional sense. The suggestion by Sancha to incorporate brackets have also been utilised effectively.

  • Here the final sections of the diagram are being constructed. This section will incorporate the majority of the image based elements. The way we set about doing this was in a table-like format, to ensure the consumer can directly relate an image with its designated category.
  • The Syntagm/ Paradigm table has been re-designed in order to make it more understandable. The notes here have also been edited. Now the notes describe the fact that a Syntagm comes from a Paradigm, which is an essential component we left out in previous designs.

  • The images from the previous poster have now been incorporated in the table section into the designated areas (different shades of purple have been used to achieve this).
  • Now all the elements of the poster are positioned, we began to try to tidy up the elements. The main area we altered was increasing the space between the text elements and the edge of their borders, achieving a better overall finish.

Finally, we looked over the final design, doing are own proof reading and other things until we were satisfied with the final design. It is ready for printing and to looked over by the tutors before more alterations or approval are given.


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