Final Poster Design – Notes by Tom

Final Thoughts:

The above image is our final design, which has been approved. We went through numerous stages in order to achieve this final product. Below are some thoughts about are decisions.

  • The decision to have the poster landscape was an effective decision as we have been able to better utilise the space.
  • The main advantage of this layout is that the diagram we constructed can be displayed in an efficient manner and therefore making it easier to understand.
  • We really like the style of my final design. We believe it meets the conventions of an ‘Independent newspaper poster’, which is an aspect we wanted to achieve from the outset. By using a basic colour scheme, it creates an elegant design which is aesthetically pleasing. We feel the diagram we constructed directly relates to what the poster is about.
  • The text elements complement the design features as well as relate to each other as they are all from the ‘Helvetica Neue’ family. This gives the overall poster some continuity.
  • The images we used effectively act as examples for their designated category. By placing them in a table format enhances this aspect.
We really like the sophisticated style of this poster. The design suits an older reader or for educational purposes which is ideal for a poster designed for ‘The Independent’. The colours used complement the design layout. We are happy with the placement of all elements on the poster (especially the diagram). All elements, especially text can be easily seen and read which is essential in this informative poster.
Our next step is to get this printed to A1 size. We are going to go to Staples to get this done and split the cost between us all.

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