Vector design for the Decibel Meter and connotations

I had the idea to do a stereo sound display to show the idea of sound.

Another idea I had would be to use a wavy line like these, to signify sound.

I decided to use the stereo display idea. This was my first attempt. I thought it would be best to make it look symmetrical but it doesn’t look as good as I thought it would. I found it hard to make the idea look realistic.

I decided to change it and make it unsymmetrical. I hope this makes it look a little more realistic. I don’t have a screen shot of it but I then went in to Photoshop and added the inner shadow so it matches the others.


Is your design clear and easy to understand?

I think this design is clear as the blocks are easy to see even when I zoom right out. I am not sure if people will understand that this is meant to represent a stereo sound display.

How might others view it? How could it be mis-read?

People may think they are looking at sugar cubes, building blocks or city tower blocks.

Does it look appropriate or does it refer to other meanings?

I think the idea is appropriate because most people should recognise sounds levels.


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