New idea for backgrounds and the connotations

Again, I am not talking about vectors at all here. That will be dealt with in another post.

So after I decided to abandon the idea of using gradients I thought I’d see how my icons looked with just one colour. I really wanted pastel colours and it was quite hard to get that pastel look. It is not as easy as you would expect. I did a lot of searching on the internet to try to find the best way of creating pastel colours. This website helped a bit.

I showed the tutor and asked if they looked like a set and he said yes. I was very happy. I said I’d decided to simplify it down. There was too much going on before and it looked a bit overwhelming. The gradients are nice but I don’t think I must have them.

What are the connotations of the background  colours/styles?

How might others view them?

Others may think the colour scheme is ‘girly’. People may get the connotations that these colours are feminine because they are light and airy.

Are they clear?

I think that the colours I have chosen may help people to understand what the meanings of the vectors are, in some cases. The barometer is on a sky coloured background. The altimeter is on a grass coloured background. The thermometer is on a red coloured background which signifies heat.

How could they be mis-read? Do they look appropriate or do they refer to other meanings?

I think the anemeter being on a pink background could confuse people. When people think of an anemeter they would think of a sky coloured background. I would have put the anemeter on the blue background but I had already put the barometer on it and I didn’t want to change that. I could have put the barometer on the yellow background but I was worried that the small vector shapes would not show up on the yellow background.


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