Poster Development Part Two – Notes by Jess

After having a small talk with Sancha, we decided to change our idea. We have kept certain aspects of the poster, like the colours and the theme but there were a lot of things we needed to add in order for the poster to have the correct information and enough.

Here are a few screen shots of the development of this poster:

Instead of a chart that we were originally going to put onto the poster we have gone for a different approach. We are going to have a simpler style of the chart, we think this way it will be easier for viewers to understand the way that Syntagms and Paradigms work.

This is just another screen shot of how we are getting on with the design. We think that this design is working a lot better than the previous one as the information is all there and we think that we have set it up in a way that is easy to understand semiotics.

  • Here is the last step within the design. (still unfinished)
  • We really like this design a lot more than the original one, there is a few small things that we still want to improve on and change but we think that we have changed our idea for the better for the viewers to understand well. The layout and set up of the piece is still along the lines of our thumbnail drawings, like the reading festival poster, we have set it out in columns, in a slightly different set up to the actual Reading festival poster. We shall now be carrying on with the improvements and last tweaks.

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