Poster Development Part Three – Notes by Emily

We printed out our new design and took it to the tutor to ask for some feedback.

The tutor told us that there are some areas that need improvement:

  • It is not obvious in which order the information should be read.
  • The layout needs more thought because at the moment the information has just been placed on the page and is just floating.
  • This layout does not show that connotation and denotation are related.
  • Syntagm comes from paradym and that has not been shown.
  • Speech and thought bubbles can be used to help the audience to understand.
  • The diagram for syntagm needs to be made clearer and neater.
  • ‘The Independent’ needs to be larger and more prominent.
  • Look at some infographics to see how their layout works.
We went back to the computer and started thinking about how we could fix these quite considerable  issues. I had a sketch (see below) I had done the day before so I got that out and we started to try to make it on the computer. We also looked at some infographics to help inspire us.
This sketch shows how we could guide the eye along the page. This idea would need to be landscape. The idea is that the elements fan out and are connected by lines.

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