Poster Development Part One – Notes by Jess

The poster here is the just at a development stage. We were all sitting around the computer and Me and Sam both did the illustrator work while we all chatted about ideas and ways to improve and change the idea as we went along. I feel that so far the group have got on well together and we all contribute well and are able to get ideas and research together to help each other along in order to come up with these ideas and develop each others designs.
Here I am going to show a few screenshots of some development of this poster.
  • We started by thinking of a way of making the poster have a more comical feel, rather than having most of it serious. (As said in Sams write-up with the thumbnails) We found some moustache and beards online and chose the ones we thought were most suitable for the poster and was most like the founders.
  • We have decided to use the font Helvetica Neue for this poster as we think that it’s suitable for the style we have chosen for the poster. The typeface has around 7-8 different types of the font within the family, so we could use this throughout.
  • Background, Denotation and Connotation – we changed the opacity of these so they just fade into the images and text that we are putting in those sections.

  • As you can see here we have added the extra grey on top of the title, this we found when we were trying to move the title over slightly and Illustrator had a shadow above the text, we all agreed that this looked good on the title and so we added the grey.
  • The text on top of the beards is also Helvetica Neue, Regular.
  • We have used the eagle from The Independent news paper on our dividers, we all agreed that this would be a good idea, as this would properly link the poster to The Independent, including The Independent Logo on the top.

  • Here this is showing where we began to design the ICON, SYMBOL and INDEX section of the poster. We wanted to keep the same style going, so we made the circles purple, the same as the beards above.
  • Also, keeping in the same style as above, we have decided to made the images in the circles (which are the icons, symbols, and index) in white, in keeping with the text written in the beards.
  • The text we have used here is Helvetica Neue again, trying to keep the paragraphs to 3 lines each so that they look the same all along.

This is a print out of the poster (unfinished) but we wanted to show Sancha to hear her thoughts of it so far and any improvements that we could do.
She wrote a few suggestions on the sheets which are:
  • Needs Signified and Signifier explained
  • Keep the lines thin – this will be 4x bigger
  • (Icon, Symbol and Index) change a few words
  • Paradigm – Stress that syntagms come from paradigms (choice)
Notes that Emily wrote as we were listening to Sancha:
  • the overlapping of the text (lowered opacity – Background, Denotation ad Connotation) Sancha didn’t think that it was effective and that it could be slightly confusing.
  • There should be photograph examples – this will let people know what is what, the vectors that we did could also come across quite confusing.
  • There needs to be more detail and information on the poster. If you were to look at this poster and know nothing about Semiotics then the simplicity of this poster wouldn’t explain enough and give you a good understanding about it.

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