Ideas and experimenting to make the backgrounds for my apps

I will not be mentioning the icon vectors in this post at all. They will be dealt with in another post as I designed them separately.

I’ve never really made anything like this before so I decoded to use Google to find a tutorial on how to make an eye-catching icon. I look at a number of different tutorials and in the end I decided to use this one:

I found this tutorial quite difficult and the man talks very fast which doesn’t help. I didn’t follow all the steps exactly as he showed them as I decided I didn’t like all of them. For example at one point he put a dark colour in the centre. I did try it but it didn’t look good to me so I just left that part out.

Here is what I came up with after the first try:

You can see I have a website open.

I was trying to use pastel colours. I thought it would be easy to use pastel colours but it really isn’t very easy to create a pastel look, at least not with all the layers I was using. At this point I was learning and experimenting.

I showed these to the tutor in class and he said that the star burst was showing up in unequal amounts on the different apps.

I went home and tried to adjust the level of opacity to try to even it out. I then emailed the tutor back with this picture showing the changes I’d made and asked ‘Do they look like a set to you?’

As the picture below shows, the tutor responds to tell me that the speedometer, the decibel meter and the thermometer stand out and need to be changed. This picture shows me editing the icons to try to improve them.

This is what I ended up with. As you can see I think they look like a set here but all the colour has been washed out. I realised this wasn’t going to work and I decided to abandon the idea of using a gradient.

It was a bit annoying that this idea hadn’t worked but I still had the pastel colours in my head. I started another idea immediately.


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