Sketching Ideas – Notes by Sam

Sketch 1:

This was Emily’s idea and she had the idea of creating a collage of images that were icons, symbols and indexes in the three different circles. This would have created an interesting focus to our poster, however I think it may have got confusing slightly as all the images may conflict and contrast each other.

The idea of using circles to have information in though seems like a good one to carry through.

Sketch 2:

Jess suggested looking at Reading/Leeds Festival posters to gain inspiration, we looked at them and saw how they were divided up with all the different artists. We decided that there should be a ‘Denotation section’ and a ‘Connotation section’.

This idea would explain the theory of semiotics clearly and concisely, giving the eye a good guide to follow through the information.

Sketch 3:

I had a rough idea of using the letters of the word ‘Semiotics’ as the main focus of the poster then have all the other keys words running off it. However the words didn’t all fit neatly and presentable enough so this idea soon fizzled out.

If the key words fitted then this idea could have been a unique take on infographic presentation.

Sketch 4:

This idea was a developed one on from the above sketch, by using the word ‘Semiotics’ as the focus of the design, the two different sections will be split up to left and right on the poster, with the history in the middle section.

This idea may get very text heavy and would bombard the viewers eyes making it hard for the information to be clear.

Sketch 5:

This sketch was similar to the collage one earlier and has the same kind of concept, however this would use bigger circles and the information would be clearly spaced out into three sections.

However this design would need some more detail and features to make it effective as an inforgraphic that will actually interest and engage people.

Sketch 6:

This idea kind of developed from the previous one but instead of circles using columns and images and text, similar to the newspaper itself.

As a group we decided that although it suited and fitted with the Independent’s newspaper feel, it wouldn’t be suitable for a pull out poster.

Sketch 7:

I had this idea of placing the titles of the different sections behind the information, big and with low opacity so they would be visible and would be a unique way of showing the different sections.

This idea was also inspired by the Reading/Leeds Festival posters as we decided to split each major section with a line break, and also a smaller ‘Independent’ bird in the middle of it.

Other Sketches for ideas:

Emily had some ideas of making the background of the theory more interesting and fun, by creating a vector of the iconic beards of the two main founders. Here are some sketches of thoughts.

She also thought about putting the information inside the beard shapes as well and having the names above, we all felt this was an excellent idea to pursue.


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