The Independent research – By Jess

These are images of the first look of the new i newspaper.
On the front there is the key of colour along the side which is a guide to which colour is to what part of the new paper. This info graphics is letting people know where to go for a certain part of news.

This paper spread here is from the Independent newspaper on the same website as before.
You can see by this page that there is quite a lot of colour involved and the text is all set in very precise columns.

The maps on here are the info graphics, including the images along with the photographs. The page is quite simple and plain with limited colour, so when designing I think that we should take into consideration the colour and simplicity of the layout. The colour links in somewhere within the images and text.

The same goes for this layout. The diagram of the map links the colour to the other images on the spread. There is a lot more colour within this layout but it has the same underlying features with precise columns and colour themes.


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