The Independent newspaper research – By Jess

For my research into The Independent newspaper, I found it sometimes difficult to find the correct content that I was looking for. So I decided to buy the paper, that way I thought that the whole group could see what it was I was thinking within a discussion. I looked through the newspaper and then showed the group a few infographics within the Independent I thought would work with ideas that we might come up with. Things like; colour and information.

  • For this infographic I thought that the combination with photography and the cartoon drawing effect worked really well together. The key on the side of the piece indicates where to look for a certain piece of information.
  • By looking at this first of all, my first thought was that the drawing had been done in order to make the potitics that the potiticans are talking about don’t mean anything and that it is all playground talk.
  • The photographs they have used are not the most flattering which added to my thoughts above.
  • The colour scheme used here is quite playful and childish.

  • The info-graphic in this part of the newspaper is quite straight forward – by looking at it you know that its a map.
  • The colour scheme here is within 4 colours – red, blue, white and cream. Having only a certain few colours I think makes the piece more interesting, if there was more than 5 as a maximum, I think that it could end up in a mix match of colour and a it of a mess to look at.
  • The use of photography again in this image instantly lets you know that the info-graphic is about politics. I think that having something that lets people know what it’s about straight away is important.

  • This is another good example of an infographic. The weather diagram is telling people information most would like to know.
  • The colour scheme here is quite expected, people would automatically know the colours mean weather, or if anything something to do with the world.

  • What stood out to me most in this was the colours. It might not be as bright, but looking at this piece from the real paper, the background of this diagram is a light grey. The colours of plum, grey and green work so well together and I want to talk about this as part of our poster. I think something similar would attract the correct viewers for our poster.
  • The whole piece is quite simplistic, the small amount of writing at the bottom explaining what is going on in the pie chart, really works well, as the chart is made from block colours.
As a conclusion, I think that mainly, we need to talk about the colour schemes that The Independent newspaper has. Each section of the paper has a different block of colours they seem to stick by which I think is quite an important part of the design. I do also think that simplicity is the key for this. Although some of the info-graphics within the newspaper seem that there is quite a lot going on, the simpler the poster, the easier it will be for younger people and people who are less knowledgeable about semiotics, the poster needs to be able to show this in a simple way, easy to understand, which with the subject, might seem harder than we originally thought.

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