Looking at Data Flow 2 – By Emily

I thought it would be useful to look at this book.

This one is eye-catching because it is an icon of a man and the blue and red stand out. I do find it a little bit confusing to follow which way blood travels. Now I’ve looked at it for longer I see, I do understand it. Each part of the body is its own section. So this infographic is effective if you have the time to stop and consider it.

This type explains how this book of music was made. This exercise seems a bit pointless as I don’t think the music made would be very enjoyable to listen to.

Perhaps this method could be used to help teach people to play the piano.

This looks very pretty but again, I don’t see the point in it. Since I couldn’t see the point in it I searched to find the music that was made so I could listen to it. I found it here


I can’t say I found any insight in the music now that I’ve heard it. I suppose it would be fun for the people who participated to find out that their colourings had been made into music.

This type explains how the data for this image was collected.

This looks really eye-catching with a nice contrast between the orange and black. The orange looks like its lighting up the night sky. The main criticism I have of this one is that I can not see much detail at all. What is does illustrate very well is the lack of activity outside the US and Europe.

My conclusions

  • Sometimes an infographic will display a complicated concept. Sometimes I was unable to see the message instantly. It it worth taking the time to look at it  as after a few minutes ‘the penny drops’ and it is satisfying to know that you worked it out.
  • Sometimes what is not present tells you as much as what is present.
  • Sometimes it is hard to see the point/reason for existence of an infographic, however, it may mean something to someone else or it may have been made for experimentation and fun. The vast majority of infographics are useful and it is easy to see the reason they were made.

All of the above are from this book:

Buy this book here:


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