Devolution of tasks within the group – By Emily

Our group sat down around a table and discussed how we thought it would be best to organise the work load.

At first we agreed that we would do the following:

Emily – research semiotics

Marine – research semiotics

Sam – research infographics

Tom – research semiotics

Jess – research The Independent

I wanted to check with the tutor that she felt we were on the right track. Sam and I went to speak to the tutor and she advised us that we might want to  think again. I think this was good advice because we went back and re-organised ourselves as follows:

Emily – research infographics

Marine – research inforgraphics

Sam – research semiotics

Tom – research semiotics

Jess – research The Independent

I think this is a better and more equal division of the work. Sam and I checked with the tutor again that we were on the right track and she said we were.

When all the research is done we plan to swap all of our research. Jess had the idea to reconvene on Wednesday 21st March to look at each others research. We all agreed with that. Sam and Marine will bring their work in to college on a memory stick. Jess, Tom and I will make the work available directly from our blogs. We will write our names at the top of each piece of work so everyone will know exactly who has done what.

At this point we went straight to the computer room to do an hours research together. Marine read out a definition of infographics to help us understand what it means. By the end of the hour Tom said he had some ideas already which was very encouraging.

I checked with the tutor if it would matter that Marine, Jess and I won’t have our names on any of the semiotics work. I said that we would have semiotics work inside our sketch books but it will have Tom and Sam’s name on it. I asked if this would affect our grades/learning outcomes negatively. The tutor answered that this would not matter.

We talked about who would be best to have the job of putting the final design on the computer. We all decided that Tom and Sam are proficient with the software so they would be the best people. I said that I think Jess has a talent for Typography so I thought she should have imput on that and everyone agreed.

On Wednesday Sam will print his research off for us to look at. I will make mine available via my blog for viewing and I will explain verbally what I have learned and what I think the main important points are. Jess had the idea to make a mind map and throw some ideas around with the result being that we would combine our individual ideas into the final idea. The tutor has informed us that on Wednesday we will have extra time in the MAC suite. We were happy to hear this and all feeling enthusiastic about coming up with a design.


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