Inside the pedometer app – navigation and interactivity

Here is what my pedometer could look like inside. Below I have detailed the navigation and interactivity.

Tapping the reset button will zero all the counters on this page, Steps, Distance and Calories.

The app uses the phones accelerometer to count how many steps are taken.

The lock button at the top of the page must be used instead of the normal lock used with the phone, or the app cannot continue to count the amount of steps taken.

The timer is used to time walks, jogs and runs so that improvements can be seen over the weeks/months.

The reset button zeros the timer, distance, calories and average speed. The reset button is the same button as the lap button.

The start button will begin the timer and start to record the distance, calories burnt and your average speed. The start button is the same button as the stop button.

This page contains a log of previous days info, how many steps, how long it took, how far you walked, how many calories burnt and an average speed.

The logs can be deleted by tapping the Edit button at the top of the page.

When the email histories button is tapped, three options are displayed. Email Daily Totals, Email Timed History and Email Both. Once an option is selected, the phones email app will open with a draft created, containing the information you selected. From here you can send the email, or save it for later.

The position button is used to select where the phone will be located. The options include, Pocket, Belt, Arm and Hand.

Once the position is set, tap the calibrate button. To calibrate the sensitivity, you first select one of the location options mentioned above. A start button then appears for you to tap, once you have tapped it, walk 50 steps to calibrate the sensitivity, then click the stop button. The sensitivity can be manually changed using the slider if it was not set correctly.

The units that are displayed can be changed from Metric to Imperial, and visa versa. A power saver mode can also be turned off and on, this uses the phones proximity sensor to detect if the phone has been placed into a pocket or holder and shuts of the screen until the sensor is uncovered. The GPS feature can also be turned off and on, this uses the phones GPS to more accurately record the distances travelled, but will drain more battery power.


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