You Wave

I decided to see if it was possible to put apps on to my PC. I thought this would help me with my research. This software lets you run Android apps and app stores on your PC. A mobile phone is not required.

This is the first screen that appears while the software is loading. The little green android is a nice, simple graphic that is easy to recognise.

You download apps from sites such as this one:

This is the next screen that loads. This means the software is ready to use now. When you have downloaded an app it appears on the left.

Here is the pedometer. You can see its a very simple screen design. I’m impressed how much information it can record.

Here is an app that measures sound. The screen has a simple design. It measures time and the minimum and maximum decibels.

Here is the thermometer. This app looks like a real thermometer. It has a nice simple design which is easy to read.

At this point I decided to cease using You Wave because sometimes when I tried to open a new app I got this error message. Some of the apps opened without a problem but some made this error appear. I may use this software later in the project if I need it.

Here are the apps I downloaded. Not all of them worked. With the exception of a few of them I’m surprised how much detail is crammed in to a small space. I don’t think cramming in detail has been very successful as I cant see it properly. The more simple designs are easier to see.

Please see conclusions to research to see my conclusions about what I learnt here.


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