In class activity – Holiday brochure

The tutor split the class in to groups and gave each group a travel brochure. She asked us what we thought made the brochure of high quality. I was in a group with Alex G, Jess and Holly. Here are our answers.

  • high quality paper
  • high-definition photos
  • minimalist type
  • the designer has picked a colour from a photograph and used it as the background colour for the opposite page.
  • space around the photography and type
  • the prices aren’t in large red type as sometimes seen in brochures for cheaper holidays
  • use of grids
  • no people or very few people/children in the pictures. people/children that are featured are dressed in white
  • whole pages taken up with one photograph
  • the information is spread out. In brochures for cheaper holidays as much information as possible is crammed in.

Here are some pictures I took in class:

All of the above are from:


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