Looking at spreads in Selvedge

I’ve included this spread because I think its interesting that the title is at the bottom with the sell in capitals at the very bottom. The body text is top right.

This spread shows clear use of a grid. Instead of using a drop cap, on all three spreads, the first 2-6 words are in bold. The margins are a lot smaller than the ones I looked at in Communication Arts. The columns of text are very close together.

The layout here uses the same grid as the one above but the margins in-between the images are wider.

All of the above are from issue 38 Jan/Feb 2011 as seen below:


One thought on “Looking at spreads in Selvedge”

  1. Your blog is great, Emily. You’ve got some really interesting layouts here.Don’t forget the handout about the overall role of research. Sancha

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