Looking at magazine layouts in Vogue

I really like the way the images have been arranged here because it gives me an idea for a design I could do for my project. There is quite a lot of type in italics here. Even though there is quite a lot going on here I don’t feel overwhelmed.

This spread looks beautiful and delicate. It is interesting that there is a white margin on the right side of the spread. The typeface used looks delicate and classy.

The big drop cap is really eye-catching. I love the typeface used. The right hand page is very text heavy but it is an interview so the amount of type is appropriate. You can see the use of a grid here. The pull quote is in italics.

Again there is a white column down the side and the pull quote fits in at the top. I can see that the same grid is being used here.

I thought this was an interesting spread because of how low down the title, the sell and the body text is. The reason why I think this works is because the use of white space on the right hand page reflects the image on the left. The whole spread is quite striking.

The next five spreads have a scrap-book look about them. I think I would like to discuss with my tutor and my fellow students about this way of displaying images. I suppose it is a case of taking a particular project and asking oneself a question. Is this a suitable way of displaying the images I have?

Clear use of a grid with three columns. White space left at the top to stop the spread from becoming overwhelming.

I think it is appropriate here how the images go from one side of the spread to the other and are in date order. I can see the use of a grid here that has three columns.

This spread is really clear and I can see how a grid has been used. I like the use of type with part of the title in bold.

All of the above are from the July 2011 issue of Vogue magazine. See below:


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