Boot idea for front cover

I came up with this idea because I happen to own a pair of New Rock boots which are the type that a Cyber goth may choose to wear. Here are the black fish net tights I wore.

Here are the pink neon leggings I wore for the photos.

Here are my New Rock Boots.

I went out in the evening to a non-residential area to take pictures. I took about 50 pictures all together. Here is an example of the pictures I took. At the time I thought the back ground of the picture would be important so this is why I went outside to find a convincing back drop.

I thought I would try to use this photo in a design as it shows the details of the boot well.

Here is what the idea looked like.

I asked for feedback from the tutor and he said that the rock is quite bright so perhaps this should be darkened. I agreed with that. The rock isn’t the important part of the picture. I really liked the vague lights in the back ground.

Instead of darkening the rock I decided to cut out the boot so that nothing could distract from it.

I think this idea looks ok but it looks a bit awkward and I had problems making the boot fit in the space provided. I thought I better try another variation.

I thought I would try using this photo as I thought it would fit better in the space given.

Here is how the idea turned out.

It was easier to fit this image on the page because it had more leg to work with. I asked for feedback and the tutor suggested rotating the boot to give the idea more realism. I put a background colour on it too. So then it looked like this.

I liked the idea at this point but I decided to photograph the boot in that position as opposed to just rotating. I thought it would look more realistic just to shoot the boot already in that position.

I took 18 photos over all. Here is the picture I decided to use:

I cut it out in Photoshop and put a back ground on it. It looks more realistic now like the Cyber goth is walking to a rave or a gig.

I put some type on too. I asked for feedback from the tutor about the type. He said that the type can be kept simple like this. I will probably be using this idea for my final idea.

I think this idea has turned out well and it looks how I wanted it to look. I hope the details on the boot and leg look interesting and that it would catch people’s eye. I think the bright pink colour used would stand out.

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