Idea for Front Cover using wires

Last week the boiler in my house broke and our plumber came to fix it. These wires were removed. I kept them as Cyber goths often use wires or parts from computers in their hair or add them to their clothes. Here is a picture of the wires.

I took fourteen photos all together. Here is another one of them.

I decided to use this one as it shows the wires well.

Here is the fishnet glove and nail varnish I used to imitate the Cyber goth style.

Here is how the final idea looks. I think it looks good but it also looks a bit strange and abstract I suppose. It reminds me of the top of a lighter and a flame. My hand looks slightly pixellated. I don’t know why this has happened as my camera takes ten mega pixel photos. I need to find out if there is a way to make my photos into a higher resolution. I don’t think I’ll be using this as my final idea.

I got some feedback from the tutor about this idea. He advised that this idea would need some more work and improvements. He suggested that the colour from the wires could go up and touch the title head and colour in the type. I though that was a really good idea. I will have to keep learning how to develop and improve my ideas.

It would have been good if I had some computer circuit boards as well as I could have used them as a back ground. I wonder what that would have looked like.


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