Set of ideas for Front Cover – In game photo shoot

I got this idea when I was doing my research, using Google’s image search, looking for pictures of cyber goths. I came across Rehula’s website. She is a Digital Cybergoth Designer. She makes and sells cyber goth style clothes for an online game called Second Life. Second Life is an online game where people pay real money to log in and create a life online. Here is Rehula’s website.

Picture above from

I don’t have Second Life but I do have a game called The Sims. So I used this game to produce the following image. I built four Cyber goth sims. I took a picture of my monitor with my camera. Inside the game I am able to move my view around and I paused my view here and took a photo. I wanted to zoom in on the goggles and the eyes. I downloaded the goggles and the hair from this site.

Image above from this website

All the clothes, goggles, hair and make up, I downloaded from this website.

I came up with this idea because I do not know any Cyber goths in real life so the only way I could hold my own photo shoot was to organise a virtual photo shoot.

Here are the four Cyber goth sims I made. As you can see the quality of the picture is very low.

Using the controls of the game I zoomed in on the top of the girl’s head and took a photo of her eyes and her goggles.

Here is what the front cover would look like. I think this front cover has turned out really well. I think it’s really striking and eye-catching. I don’t think I can use this as my final piece though as it may not have a high enough resolution. I asked the tutor for feedback on this idea and he said that the idea could be used to make a vector.

Here is the next photo I took. It is of a simple portrait of one of the Cyber goths. I took it because it shows off her ‘cyberfalls’ (hair).

Here is how it would look on the front cover. Perhaps this kind of thing would look better on the front of a fashion magazine. Making a portrait is an obvious idea.

Here is the next photo I took. It is of these amazing boots. I took this picture because the colours and the design are so bright and striking.

I decided to cut the boots out using Photoshop. I then put them into InDesign. I think it looks very eye-catching. Unfortunately the quality of the graphic is absolutely dreadful! I won’t be using this as my final idea.

It has been good to try out using a computer game like this. I think it would only be useful for sketching on paper or making vectors.


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