Conclusions to research

  • I can see that the cyber goth style was influenced by the Goths, the cyberpunks, the technos and the ravers.
  • Cyber goths have their own style of make-up, hair, clothes and they even have their own way of dancing. Their way of being contrasts quite strongly with the mainstream.
  • Layouts look best when the different elements can breath. I looked at some ‘messy’, grungy layouts too and they also looked good. I would like to learn how best to go around making a grungy front cover and double page spread.
  • I don’t think it looks good when detailed pictures are lost down the gutter of a double page spread.
  • There are many different ways to layout a magazine spread. It is worth looking at past spreads to see what other designers have come up with.
  • I really like the typefaces used in Vogue magazine. They are very elegant and I wonder if I can use them in a future project.
  • What really stands out about Creative Review’s front covers is that they are all so different. I think its good that they don’t ever get stuck doing the same thing. Each cover is a totally new chance for creativity.
  • The layouts of the pages inside Creative Review followed a style that is used all the way through. I still felt that some pages worked better than others.

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