Looking at the layout of Luxx

Luxx is a large size magazine that comes with The Times newspaper. I came across it by chance and I found it very eye-catching.

This page shows a lot of brightly coloured images. I think it looks really interesting. Although there is a lot going on here I don’t feel it is overwhelming. Each picture has its own space. The price is in bold which makes it easy to see. The border is very simple which fits the busy layout. I suppose it helps that all the images are quite beautiful to look at too. The typeface is used throughout the magazine. It is an elegant serif.

I really like this layout. It’s very interesting to see that half the picture has been blurred so that it doesn’t take attention away from the picture of Michelle Dockery. The tree has been blurred and made whiter as though the designer was trying to erase it. I really like the way the type follows along the perspective of the pavement. I think it looks really well-balanced. The blurring of the left page stops it from being overwhelming. I don’t see anything I don’t think is good here.

I do like this layout as well but I don’t think it works quite as well as the one above. I think the large cap used for the first word looks eye-catching and the italics fits with the luxury style of the magazine. The thing that doesn’t work so well it that all the text has been placed against the left side of one page. I can see why its been paced there but I think it looks slightly uncomfortable. Its interesting that a black box has been placed under the pull quote.

I think this layout works well even though there is a lot going on. All the images have enough space to breath. I like the bold type used for the title and the thick black line above the title because it catches your attention. The fact that the images are bright is eye-catching and makes a nice contrast against the white page.


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