Lecture notes taken in class on 14th November 2011

Creative review magazine. Smaller and more square. New version format – square. Title – tutor will show us.

Youth subculture revival. Lead article. Any media. Cover own image. Double page spread – can use found images.

Subculture in heyday. Where did it originate? Why did people want to become a punk?

Images – not obvious or cliché. What is it like to be a punk? What objects did they use? What was the essence of the subculture?

Double page spread. Look at several spreads, use different issues. The background colour is subdued. Images should do the talking.

Presentation about your subculture. You can’t change your subculture. Youth subculture, club culture, teddy boys. Against the mainstream culture. Must pick something not mainstream. Need a lot of visuals. Avoid political and religious. You can use an obscure subculture  but there will be less information on it.

Deadline Thursday 8th December at 10am.

Cut and paste text from a website. No typos. Do not repeat text. Page or longer. Text has got to be relevant. Use found text. Visual communication – how do you convey your message? Sociology research. Not just facts. Look for identity. Need visuals. Learn layout. Illustration and photography. If it snows keep working at home.

Learning outcomes – tutor tells us which ones apply to this project.

What is ideology? Set of beliefs or belief system, not based on facts, but based on opinion, and used to wield power over people.

Raymond Williams definition of ideology:

Taken from:

Higgins, John . “Raymond Williams: literature, Marxism and cultural materialism.” Google books. Routledge, n.d. Web. 16 Nov 2011. <http://tiny.cc/t8gee&gt;.

Underlying assumptions, whats good, whats bad, whats right, whats wrong. Personal experience, home life. Unaware of ideology – elections, racist comments, common sense. The basic underlying assumption of life. Things we take for granted.

We then did an activity where we discussed what sort of punishment would be appropriate for:

  • an old lady who had stolen a loaf of bread
  • a serial killer who had murdered prostitiutes and one school girl
  • a government official who embezzeled millions in government funds

230 x 230

Margins – Top 20mm, bottom 12mm, inside 27mm and outside 12mm.

Layout – margins & collums

Object – corner options

300 dpi or higher.


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