Idea using bracketed serifs

I thought of this idea because Perpetua is known for its bracketed serifs. What this means is that the serif doesn’t have a right angle. Instead it has a nice smooth curve.

I wanted an idea to show off the bracketed serifs so I used spots of colour. It was more difficult than I thought to get the spots in the right place because every time I tried to click on a spot to move it I would select the type. So I had to keep moving the type away completely and then moving the spot and putting the type back. I wonder if there is a quicker way of doing it.

I asked for feedback from the tutor and he said this design is suitable. I like this idea better than my ascenders and descenders idea because this idea has colour. The tutor said this idea is ‘fun’. Getting feedback is very helpful and I always try to get feedback on my ideas. Sometimes an idea which I didn’t think was that good does appeal to the tutor and it makes you think again.


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