Reverse side ideas

Here is my first idea for the back of the postcard. It’s very simple. I’ve used the ‘db’ because the ‘d’ is known for its unusual shaped bowl. I’ve used a ‘b’ to balance out the design.

I like this idea because I’ve got rid of the b. Its simple and it still shows the ‘d’. There is enough room for the customer to write their message.

I’ve moved the ‘d’ into the space where the stamp goes. I think this looks modern but I just realised that the person who receives the postcard won’t be able to see the ‘d’ and that would be a shame. The blurb is too big and is taking too much space. If I was a customer, buying a postcard I’m not sure if I would buy this one.

Here is an idea using the ‘M’ which is splayed with half upper serifs. The ‘M’ has a really interesting design when you take the time to stop and look at it. I’m not sure I like the type going across the bottom as its taking up a lot of space where the customer may want to write their message.

I just remembered that I can move around the type that the brief specifies so I’ve straightened it out into one line and put it along the bottom. The type at the top looks a but heavy.

Went back and resized the blurb one last time. I thought that people may need more space to affix their stamps so I’ve moved the blurb out of the way a bit.

Went back to this design and deleted the box to show where the stamp should be affixed. I realised that the box was covering the ‘d’.

Went back again and added the reference for the photo I’m using. Deleted the vertical address line. I think this is more pleasing to the eye.


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