First idea – Iconic ‘g’

I uploaded my first idea which is extremely simple. What I didn’t like is that I can’t see the outline of the postcard. I can’t see where the postcard stops. If I was a client I would want to know exactly where the edges are.

I’ve added a very thin border just so the client knows exactly what is going on in the design. I don’t know if this is the correct way to display work for a client but if I was a client I wouldn’t want to see a ‘g’ floating around without a clear placement.

I came up with the idea as I identified this ‘g’ in my research and because I find it a curious piece. It has the beautiful calligraphic style. The loop doesn’t have the link like other ‘g’ do. So it looks like the mirror image of a ‘B’ and I think this makes it curious and hopefully would make the audience curious. It looks like someone putting their hand under their chin as well.

Here are my 50 words which I’m quite happy with as I hope it succinctly relates to the specifications of the brief. Having the limit of 50 words made it more difficult but I think it’s for the best. When I buy a postcard I only want a small amount of information on it. I would rather have space to write a message. This is very simple. When I do the next idea I may try to add something more on the back like address lines.

Oh dear! This idea doesn’t look good. I made it in Gimp using the fuzzy select tool and the result looks really unprofessional! I’ll try again.

This looks much better as there aren’t any fuzzy borders. I wanted to brighten up the postcard. This achieves that. What I’ve been trying to do is to colour in both loops but I havent been able to do it. How frustrating and annoying.

Finally I worked out how to do it! Its ungroup and release compound path! I’m so happy I worked it out. I like this bright design because it is eyecatching but I suppose others may find it offensive.

Here is a much more subtle idea. These colours go together well and arent jarring like the ones above. Its still bright and eyecatching.

Here is another idea in the same vein. This has more class and so would hopefully appeal to the audience. I asked for feedback from the tutor and he said that this design is appropriate.

I thought I’d try another green design but I’m not sure this one is any better than the one above. Its hard to decide.


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