Lecture notes taken in class 1st November 2011

Who or what influenced the type designer or was it a commission? Foundry – steel manufacturer. Company who made type faces out of lumps of metal. Other companies would make similar typefaces. There used to be a ‘font police’. Colleges could be fined if they hadn’t paid to use a font. People had to bring a typeface into college on a disk. When you make a typeface, you look at previous typefaces and then you improve the original. Gill was influenced by Edward Johnson.

Which typefaces preceded the one you have been given? What was the typeface designed for?

Publishing – Times New Roman – The Times newspaper. The Guardian has its own type face.

Display face – Johnson’s underground typeface, not too small, 14p upwards.

Headlines – Medium weight, semi bold.

When the typeface is made into italics or cursive it has to be totally redesigned. It can’t just be tilted or rotated.

In 1925 Eric Gill designed Gill Sans. It came in three weights which were regular, light and bold. Other people have broadened the Gill Sans typeface family by adding different weights.

Courier – type writers, monospace font, no italics. New Courier – not monospace.

Historical synopsis, genesis, ancestors. Has anyone used Perpetua as a foundation for a new typeface? Make a timeline and slot events into it.


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