Lecture notes taken in class

A5 Portrait or landscape – History of type. Use found image – historical image, reference, back of postcard.

SXU – hungarian, Morgue file, Istock, Getty images, Radio Times

Learning outcomes – history to where we are now. Beautiful original type was meant to be like handwriting. Research – hyroglifics, pictograms, timeline, key elements. Technology, brush, feather.

Your type face given to you, say who designed it and why. Thursday 10th November crit – present work. My typeface is Perpetua.


Redundancy – ladies shampoo extra information that could be stripped down and still understood. Conventions – model, shiny hair, car – sexy shot of car, lighting, landscape, tiger. Redundant elements help people recognise what the design is for.

Activity – draw thumbnails for a magazine advert for a shampoo and a car. Draw one with including all the redundant elements and then another one with the minimum of information needed to get the message across. Here are my sketches.

Space – space helps the design to breath.

Entropy – Lots of information that is very specific, computer – technical specification. Guitar, drum kit. Information that is important to a particular customer. You could argue that logos are redundant now.

What was redundant about my poster from the Type Tour project? The answer I gave in class was that all the colour and all the vector picture was redundant. I could have just kept typographic walk and the website address and that would have got the message across.

You need some redundant elements to have aesthetic appeal.

Use the terms redundant and entropic in your evaluation.


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