Feedback from other students

I asked for feedback from other students in my class and they said that the images of type were not prominent enough and they couldn’t see what they were. I’m really glad I asked for feedback because I was trying to minimise the images and I had put their opacity at 50 to make them less noticeable. So I’ve changed the images and made them more of a central feature. Now they can be clearly seen.

I have moved the type from the sides of the poster and I have moved the date down to the bottom which seems much more appropriate. The main part of the vector picture is now totally uncovered which is much better as the picture is pleasing to the eye. This layout is a massive improvement because the elements don’t look squashed and uncomfortable. It is easier to read and the type position looks relaxed which complements the relaxed atmosphere I’m trying to create in the scene. This will be the idea I will use for my final piece.


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