Pastel sweet shop sunny sky

Here is the picture that has inspired my poster. I was lucky that I had my camera ready as two boats were in view and two red London buses. I was very happy to get these features into my poster as they reflect life in London and add movement to the picture. The gherkin building is famous so people may recognise it.

Here is the engraving again, as seen im my first idea. I really like this image because it is very simple and sophisticated and I still want to use it. As my vector contains the Thames, it seems fitting that I use this image.

Here is a picture of me using Illustrator to build a vector picture using the pen tool.

Below I am displaying four arrangements. I am evaluating all four to see what works and what does not work so well.

Here is my first arrangement. There was too much empty space and I was not happy with it because it looks as though something is missing. I decided to put the main title in vertically. I’ve done this to try to get away from having the title at the top or in the middle and ending up with a design that looks like three separate parts again as I identified in the evaluation of the idea I called ‘Sunny St Paul’s’. The word Walk also seems lost in the layout so I will need to improve that.

Here is my second arrangement. I have filled the white space with a sunny sky. This is much better and I’m much happier with it now because I think it ties it together. I call the title of this blog post ‘sweet shop’ because the colours I’ve used remind me of marshmallows I used to eat as a child. I think this layout has been succesful apart from I’m not sure that the date is in the right place. It seems very prominent.

Here is my third arrangement. The main difference here is that I have added some examples of type. I think I actually prefer my second arrangement as the spacing out seems better but I must have all the elements that the brief specifies and I’ve got to make them all fit. The main improvement here is that I have moved the main title over to the right had of the page so now the main part of the vector picture can be seen better. The date is now right at the top of the page and looks quite big. I think it has taken over the top of the poster a bit too much.

Here is the fourth arrangement. It has all the elements on it that the brief demands. I’m happy with the layout although I still prefer the layout of the second one but I am unable to use that exactly as it is shown here because of the constraints of the brief. I used so may layers to make this design that I actually couldn’t remember what they were all for and some were empty. It hasn’t caused any problems though. This layout still seems a bit uncomfortable with type and images of type against the sides of the poster. The date is still too prominent and it take over the top of the poster.

I will ask for feedback from the class as to what their thoughts are. I will then look at improving the issues I have raised above.


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