Really quite bright Old Thameside Inn

I liked the idea of using a photo of an open space where you could imagine yourself walking along. I thought this photo would be good for the idea.

I suppose the photo would have been nice on its own without doing anything to it but there are a few people at the very back so I had to think of a way of covering them. I coloured the picture in and used the Oilify option in Illustrator. I think these bright colours would be eye-catching. I made the type white in the middle as I didn’t want any more colour. I do like this idea but I’m not sure what others would think. Feedback on this idea would have been useful. People may have hated the bright colours. I think the layout is very simple and the type is easy to read. I really like the type effect I have created here. I will upload this to my blog then I can keep it in mind for future projects. With further reflection on this idea I definitely need feedback from others to see what they think about the bright colours. Is it too much and too messy? I don’t think I’ll be using this as my final idea because I would need feedback first and then start to improve and develop it. It has been useful to experiment to see what I can do and what can be achieved.

If I had more time I would try the idea again, with the same photo but without all the bright colours and see what I could come up with.


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