Looking for layouts

All of these websites below were accessed by me on 8th October 2011.

Digital Poster Printing Layout Design – Digital Room.

Not helpful for me.

Tips for poster design.

This site was quite helpful and pointed out a few useful tips.

Poster Design: 2) Layout – YouTube.

Seems strange that it would be thought appropriate to display research in the form of a poster. This video isn’t very helpful to me.

20 Truly Beautiful Typography Poster Designs | Creative Nerds.

I’ve just come across this site. It doesn’t mention layout specifically but I will use some of the posters in my research.

20 Creative Resume Designs Which Will Amaze Any Potential Employer | Creative Nerds.

Got side tracked while looking for layouts. If I produced a CV that looked like one of these I wonder if I would get the job. The layouts of the CV’s were interesting. Not sure if they could be applied to making a poster or not.

All of these websites below were accessed by me on 9th October 2011.

Learn Photoshop – How to Create a Movie Poster – YouTube.

I don’t think this video lives up to its title at all. This video shows how to blend two pictures together using Photoshop. I don’t think I’ve learnt anything about layouts but I think it will be useful to know how to blend two pictures together for this project or future projects.

Sample Poster Arrangements.

It appears that displaying research results in the form of a poster is a much more widespread practice than I was aware. I didn’t find this website particularly helpful for my project.

Search results for “poster” – Templates – Office.com.

These poster templates are interesting. They are all quite different.

20 Outstanding GraphicRiver Flyers and Posters | Psdtuts+.

I liked this page. I’m hoping by looking at these poster designs that some of it will filter into my memory and will help me when I make my own designs. I could annotate some of these posters for my research.

About Design – ArtsAlive.ca – Persuading Presence.

This website looks at the theory behind good design. There is a lot to take in here but it is very interesting.


I wanted to see if I could find out about poster layouts. I haven’t found out that there is one type of layout that everyone uses. It seems that there are many different ways to organise a poster. The designer has to choose a layout that will catch attention and convey the message. Instead of looking for templates perhaps it is better to look at posters individually.


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