Lecture notes taken in class on 3rd October 2011

Aim: Start generating and developing ideas from research.

Critically  – why are you researching? Demonstrate.

Posters – annotate them. Engage with research. 25 breathtaking typographic posters

Self evaluation

  • what did I like and why?
  • what wasnt I good at?
  • how can I improve?
  • what is wrong with my research?
  • reflective conclusions

Inform a design solution. Look at other posters to see how its done. Look at smashing magazine. What are you researching? What are your ideas? Show overtly. Anything can be used as research. You must take screen shots of the computer process. Graphic work is mass-produced.

Who will look at the poster?

  • students
  • type enthusiasts
  • historians
  • teachers

The poster needs to appeal to that audience. Make a mood board. You must have more than one idea. Typically you would bring six ideas with you when you see a client. The client will then tell you what they like and what they don’t like. You have to be flexible. All big companies do research, dont minimise it.

Look at the module guide on moodle. That is where our grades come from.

Generating means coming up with an idea.


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