Lecture notes taken in class

Aim: Introduction to research

Typography – Flickr, typo.graphy, dafont.com, type events.com

Posters – Google 25 breathtaking typographic posters, smashing magazine

What is the point in research?

  • Learn from others mistakes
  • To have a foundation to start from
  • To gain inspiration
  • Find out who your audience is
  • Find out what current trends there are in fashion and theatre
  • Use other people’s work as a standard or benchmark with which to compare your own
  • Allows you to make analysis
  • Evidence to prove and justify your choices are appropriate
  • You can find out if your choices are inappropriate

How do you research effectively?

Gather information and comment on it. We are graded on our research. It must be effective. People who research well get better grades.

Primary – in a museum, gallery, a physical magazine, an artifact, questionnaires, talking to someone at the scene.

Secondary – internet opinion, people’s interpretation.

Wikipedia is banned. You can use their references. Visual sources are better than written. Makes notes on the same day as you are looking at a picture. Make thumb nail sketches. Use the index in books to find relevent chapters. Always make a bibliography.

How to do effective research

Learn how to think properly


PMI stands for Plus Minus Interesting. In what ways is this piece of research helpful to my current project? How and why is it helpful. How does this work and why?

Look at one of the research posters you have and apply the PMI. I used the Stella Artois Dry poster. The plus is that it had many different types of type on it which is relevant to this project. The minus is that the poster used a word I’ve never heard before and don’t understand which is the word ‘lummy’. There were lots of interesting things about the poster. Paw prints had been used and the model used was an older man with a huge tattoo on his back. This really grabbed my attention as I hadn’t expected to see this as typically younger models are used to sell products on television and in print.

Learn how to do effective research. Learn how to use different sources, learn how to analyze them. Learn how to display this. Keep referring back to the brief. What can I use from other designers in my design? I now need to set up a blog on either blogger.com or wordpress.com

My fellow students tell me that blogger.com is the more simple to use so I’m going to use wordpress as I am looking to become a web designer in the future so I want to learn how to use these sites even if they are more complicated.


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